The AfriWatSan Project regularly publishes stories in journals of reference.

Some of these publications are repeated in the current Website.

Below, a selection of the papers available on the website.

Calvince O. Othoo,  Simeon O. DuloDaniel O. OlagoRichard Ayah (2020). Effects of Shallow Water Table on the Construction of Pit Latrines and Shallow Wells in the Informal Settlements of Kisumu City. Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

James P.R. SorensenMor Talla DiawAbdoulaye PouyeRaphaëlle RoffoDjim M. L. DiongueSeynabou C. FayeCheikh B. Gaye, Bethany G.Fox, Timothy Goodall, Daniel J.Lapworth, Alan M. MacDonald, Daniel S. Read, Lena Ciric, Richard G. Taylor (2020). In-situ fluorescence spectroscopy indicates total bacterial abundance and dissolved organic carbon. Science of The Total Environment, Volume 738, 10 October 2020, 139419

Japhet R. KanotiProf. Daniel O. Olago, Prof. Nobert O. Akech, Prof. Christopher M. Nyamoi, Dr Simeon DuloDr Richard AyahProf. Richard Taylor (2020). Sanitation challenges, groundwater, perspectives and their intertwined relationships in Kisumu, Kenya. KENYA POLICY BRIEFSTowards Realisation of Vision 2030,  Vol. I, N˚1, ,January 2020

Cheikh B. Gaye, Callist Tindimugaya (2019). Review: Challenges and opportunities for sustainable groundwater management in Africa. Hydrogeology Journal

Daniel O. Olago (2019). Constraints and solutions for groundwater development, supply and governance in urban areas in Kenya. Hydrogeology Journal

Richard G. Taylor, Guillaume Favreau, Bridget R. Scanlon & Karen G. Villholth (2019). Topical Collection: Determining groundwater sustainability from long-term piezometry in Sub-Saharan Africa. Hydrogeology Journal

Sorensen, J., Vivanco, A., Ascott, M.J., Gooddy, D.C., Lapworth, D.J., Read, D.S., Rushworth, C., Bucknall, J., Herbert, K., Karapanos, I., Gumm, L.P. and Taylor, R.G. (2018). Online fluorescence spectroscopy for the real-time evaluation of the microbial quality of drinking water. Water Research, Vol. 137, 301-309.

Jasechko, S., Perrone, D., Befus, K.M., Bayani Cardenas, M., Ferguson, G., Gleeson, T., Luijendijk, E., McDonnell, J.J., Taylor, R.G., Wada, Y., and Kirchner, J.W. (2017). Global aquifers dominated by fossil groundwaters but wells vulnerable to modern contamination. Nature Geoscience, Vol. 10, 425-429.