In April 2018, the AfriWatSan team in Dakar began construction of Urban Observatories in the Thiaroye shallow aquifer to assess the impact of the on-site sanitation systems on groundwater quality and human health. The construction of monitoring wells, a central feature of the Urban Observatories, provided an opportunity for additional training in drilling supervision   by AfriWatSan co-PIs, Professor Cheikh Gaye and Dr. Seynabou Cissé Faye to AfriWatSan PhD and MSc students (Mor Talla Diaw, Abdoulaye Pouye, Djim Diongue) that was started at last year’s AfriWatSan workshop in Kisumu.  Construction was completed in a timely manner and now enables high-frequency (hourly) monitoring of groundwater levels and salinity.

Air-rotary drilling of shallow piezometers in Dakar (Senegal) supervised by AfriWatSan students with support from AfriWatSan co-PIs and Project Coordinator.